• DHZ Fitness Makes a Splash at FIBO 2023: A Memorable Event in Cologne

    DHZ Fitness Makes a Splash at FIBO 2023: A Memorable Event in Cologne

    The Eye-catching Entrance Strategic Branding A Premier Exhibition Space A Return to FIBO Conclusion After a long hiatus due to the COVID-19 pandemic, FIBO 2023 has finally kicked off at Cologne ...
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  • How To Design and Furnished a Functional Commercial Gym

    UTILIZING 3-D MODELING PROMOTE COLLABORATION AND INNOVATION CREATE A GREAT ATMOSPHERE TRUSTWORTHY APPEAL CONCLUSION The fitness industry offers a wide range of exercise options and it's important for commercial gym owners to recog...
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  • Does Exercise Boost Your Immune System?

    How Does Exercise Boost Your Immune System? Improved Immunity with Regularity What's the Most Effective Type of Exercise for Improving Immunity?        -- Walking        -- HIIT Workouts        -- Strength Training Maximizing your w...
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  • 7 fitness myths, see if you fall for it?

    Prolonged Workouts Can Be More Beneficial No Pain, No Gain Increase Protein Intake and Reduce Fat and Carb Intake Lifting Weights Will Make You Bulky Spot Fat Burning: Reduce Belly Fat Only? Cardio is Not the Only Way to Lose Fat You Must Train Every Day to Achieve...
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  • Weekly Fitness Training Plan

    • Monday: Cardio • Tuesday: Lower body • Wednesday: Upper body and core • Thursday: Active rest and recovery • Friday: Lower body with a focus on glutes • Saturday: Upper body • Sunday: Rest and recovery This 7-day cycle exerci...
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  • The Best Way to Train All 6 Major Muscle Groups

    The Best Way to Train All 6 Major Muscle Groups

    The 6 Main Muscle Groups Major Muscle Group #1: Chest Major Muscle Group #2: Back Major Muscle Group #3: Arms Major Muscle Group #4: Shoulders Major Muscle Group #5: Legs Major Muscle Group #6: The Calves A "muscle group" is exa...
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  • Difference Between Aerobic and Anaerobic Exercise

    What Is Aerobic Exercise? Types of Aerobic Exercises What Is Anaerobic Exercise? Types of Anaerobic Exercises Health Benefits of Aerobic Exercise Health Benefits of Anaerobic Exercise Both aerobic and anaerobic exercise should be...
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  • 4 Benefits of Regular Exercise

    1. Exercise to control weight 2. Fight health conditions and diseases 3. Improve mood 4. Enjoy life better The bottom line on exercise Exercise and physical activity are great ways to feel better, promote health, and have fun. There a...
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  • What Kinds of Fitness Equipment Are Available?

    What Kinds of Fitness Equipment Are Available?

    No matter which gym you stop at, you'll find a plethora of fitness equipment designed to simulate cycling, walking, and running, kayaking, rowing, skiing, and stair climbing. Whether motorized or now no longer, sized for commercial use of fitness center or lighter home u...
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  • How to Get Started with Proper Fitness?

    How to get started with proper fitness?         Ideally, in case you need to enhance your standard fitness and health, you need to purpose exercising approximately 5 days a week, King Hancock, ACSM-CPT, sweat 2 Success trainer on NEOU, a health streaming service, tells H...
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  • Best Power Rack Guide with 12 Core Tips (Updated for 2022)

    Are you looking for the best power rack for your commercial gym or personal training room? If so, this clear buying guide will help you go through the most important details to choose the best power cage for your needs. Owning a power rack is demonstrably the most import...
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  • The DHZ Fitness Commercial Treadmill is The Professional Gym Treadmill for Cardio Training

    Have you ever referred to a treadmill as a "treadmill" or "hamster turntable" and stated that you'd rather run-in extreme heat, pouring rain, etc. than be bored indoors? I was like that too. However, treadmills have come a long way in the last few years, with brands like...
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